Flash Feathers

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This is a NEW, VISUAL, PRACTICAL and VERSATILE prop for any serious Dove manipulator and also suitable for any performer willing to make an impressive production out of a Flash Feather!
There are countless ways you can produce Flash Feathers. Imagine taking a feather out of one your doves, burning it and producing another one from it! You can palm them, you can hide them in a Dove pan, split them into two, even let one feather fall on the ground, reach out for it and produce a Dove in fire! The possibilities can be original and crazy! Limited ONLY by your imagination!
From Panda Magic comes this set of Flash Feathers that are great for productions, vanishes, comedy effects, and so much more.
• You are supplied with 10 professionally-manufactured flash paper feathers. Life-sized, Flash Feathers will brighten up any act and are really easy to use!

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